Astan Babe Ke Trust

Updated 11th Apr, 2005

Australia/New Zealand
Asthan Babe Ke Trust, Goulburn

Press Release, April 2005


Singapore -Perth-Sydney

Saturday 16th Apr 2004 Morning Depart for Perth
Sunday 17th Apr 2004 Evening Leave Perth for Sydney


Monday 18th Apr 2004 Morning Arrive Sydney
  Afternoon Travel to Goulburn
    Baba Ji will be in Goulburn till Saturday
Tuesday 19th Apr 2004 Morning Akhand Paath Commences.
Saturday 23rd Apr 2004 Morning Akhand Paath Semapthi
  Evening Travel to Auckland, New Zealand


Saturday 23rd Apr 2004 Night Arrive Auckland at night
Sunday - Tuesday   Auckland
Tuesday 26th April 2004 Evening Depart for Sydney

Sydney- Singapore

Thursday 28th April 2004 Afternoon Depart for Singapore
Thursday 28th April 2004 Night Arrive Singapore


 Contact Details

  •  Mobile Phone : 0415 21 22 23 - Mobile will only be available when Baba Ji is in Australia

Issued by: Bakhtawer Singh Samrai




  1. For directions to property, or any other details, please contact us as follows:


PO Box 97,  LANE COVE,  NSW   2066


Tel:  02-9428 1929                  Fax: 02-9418 6855


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