Press release for Annual Samagam





Annual Samagam to be held at Goulburn.


19th April to 23rd April,   first Akand Paths commencing 19th April, 2005


Baba Ji will be in attendance and all are welcome.


Pathi’s required for the Akand Paths.


LOCATION: 494 Carrick Road, Towrang. (Carrick Road turns off the Hume Highway, approx. 10 kms north east of Goulburn, on main road to Sydney)

Direct Phone : (02) 4829 8261


A 140 acre property located at Goulburn, NSW, is being developed as a unique project, by Sant Baba Nahar Singh ji Sunehranwale, to share Sikh history, religion and culture with all communities.


The aim of this specific project to demonstrate via a landscaped park, the historical and religious travels and preaching’s of the 10 Gurus that contribute to the Sikh Heritage, culture and traditions, and form the basis of the Sikh faith and religion.


 The project consists of landscaping the site to show as paths, the journeys made by the Gurus, and then displays will incorporate multi-media facilities for narrating the history of each Guru in different languages.


The initial 14 kms of paths have been marked and constructed with basic signage in place, work to commence soon on the accommodation, kitchen and bathing facilities for interested visitors. After this stage the construction of the displays will commence, and a further stage is to organize regular children’s camps open equally to all communities.


The site is strategically situated adjacent to the Hume highway, 10 kms north of Goulburn so as to be easily accessible to Canberra, Sydney & Melbourne, and also convenient to travelers from the rest of Australia.


To facilitate the development, through donations, Asthan Babe Ke Trust, a religious non-profit charitable trust has been established. This trust is endorsed as an Income Tax exempt charitable entity.


Upon completion as well as in the development stages of the project this facility will be open to the Public and all interested groups.




Asthan Babe Ke Trust is working within the guidelines of religious and social responsibilities to teach and guide our younger generation. The underlying view is that with the right education and guidance the next generation will develop good moral values and not stray from a normal responsible lifestyle.


The trust aims to promote International integration and social well being of our young generation without the influence of colour and creed. The project will demonstrate in a user-friendly manner how our religious Gurus lived and interrelated with the faith of others and associated with people from all over the world.






Baba Ji, Minister of Religion, was born on 13th January 1930 in the village of Daudhar, District of Moga, Punjab. He is referred to as Sunehranwale.


From the tender age of seven he has been following the travels and teachings of both Sant Baba Ishan Singh as well as Sant Baba Nand Singh who was his maternal grand uncle.

Baba Ji though being qualified as a pilot, decided to take the path of the Guru Ji when he was in his late twenties.


He has been blessed with the ability to translate the message of the Guru Granth Sahib. He does this with such simplicity and clarity that everyone and anyone who listens is held spellbound.


Baba Ji has helped in numerous social and developmental projects in Punjab and the neighbouring states, such as building schools, colleges, hospitals, Gurdwara’s and shrines. These projects mainly established in rural areas, have been developed and then handed over to the government as a public service.


Baba Ji received the prestigious “Social Worker of the Year Award” from the government of India in 1988.


Issued by: Bakhtawer Singh Samrai




For directions to property, or any other details, please contact us as follows:

PO Box 97,  LANE COVE,  NSW   2066


Tel:  02-9428 1929                  Fax: 02-9418 6855


To CONTACT GOULBURN PROJECT DIRECT       Phone :     02 4829 8261